We are the FullStack+ company with a strong focus on IT competence. We have Java and PHP development teams as well as strong expertise in IT analysis and consulting. Our value chain includes the whole digitalization process and goes beyond. This additional value helps to make the digital transformation process more seamless and natural.

The Krabu Grupp company was established in 2012. The cornerstone of our activity is an integral value chain, which unites several interrelated spheres. In 2019, our company received an ISO 9001 certificate for its areas of activity: IT services and consulting, communication and translation services.

Krabu Grupp’s IT professionals have the experience in digital transformation of states and enterprises, but besides Project Management, IT development and Analysis we also provide support in related fields – for instance, communication and translation. Thanks to the interaction within the chain, we offer a full cycle service – from the analysis and implementation of IT- and communication solutions to the creation of content – in several languages, if necessary. Currently our portfolio includes projects for several of the largest enterprises of the Baltic Sea region. But we are also trusted both by startup developing companies and public sector institutions.

You need IT? You got it. Contact us: info@krabugrupp.ee

Our history

Founded in Estonia 2012

We started as a communication company. But since, we expanded our main areas of activity to IT and translation. ISO certified in 2019.

Founded in Estonia <span>2012</span> Founded in Estonia <span>2012</span>

Currently ongoing 30 projects

We work in digital transformation, eGovernance, ID, biometrics, power generation, seafaring, finance & taxation, telecom, data protection, document management sectors.

  • 14 IT Development and Analysis
  • 7 Communication
  • 9 Translations

In Estonia, 7 out of TOP-10 companies are our clients

We work with Fixed and Time & Material projects with companies in our home market Estonia and around the world.

International working experience in 10 countries

Our experts have worked with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Moldova, Oman, Tanzania and UAE projects.

Value Chain of Krabu Grupp

Our activity is built on the basis of a value chain in which processes are aligned in an optimal way for the client. Depending on the work order, we either use the entire value chain or its individual parts.

Value Chain of Krabu Grupp


To improve the overall interaction environment in society and contribute to its development, providing various people and organizations with maximum opportunities for convenient communication and mutual understanding.



We strive to work without borders, rendering our clients the necessary services regardless of the categories of time, place and language of interaction. We help our partners to solve their problems and we support their activities. We carry out projects on a turn-key basis and we maintain a long-term partnership.



Flexibility and Reliability
We fulfill every order in accordance with the conditions and needs of the customer. Cooperation with the client is based on current and constantly updated information.

Attention to detail
There are no such things as small potatoes or little leaks: the success of the whole project depends on every minor detail. Therefore, we study the client’s activities in detail in order to speak a common language with our clients.

Mutual trust
We appreciate our cooperation with each client and hope that this is mutual. The atmosphere of trust is one of the key factors for achieving a better result.

Benefits to the customer
We strive to ensure that the results of our work would bolster the development of the client’s activities. We are looking for a solution suitable for the client and we strive to work on the one-stop principle.

Constant progression
We are constantly looking for new challenges to improve our skills and remain the best partner for our customers. We take part in various events and train our employees at all times.