Kirill Krabu

CEO & Finance Manager

strategic planning, finance planning, management, team leadership, marketing strategy, corporate communications, business strategy, international contracts, risk analysis

Personal experience
business development and diversification, executive management, project management, internal and external communication communications, copywriting, TV and radio journalism, public relations consulting, publishing activities

Kati Krabu

CIO & Business Development Manager

International contracts, writing winning tender proposals, IT development, business development, business consultancy, program management, IT public procurements, e-Governance, electronic identity management, biometrics, data protection, citizenship and migration, foreign manpower management, e-Health, e-Residency, mobile-ID, legal drafting, GDPR, EU and International law, standartization

Personal experience
Estonian e-government development, Omani e-government consultancy, GDPR and data protection consulting, e-Health projects (Estonia, Lithuania), e-Residency projects, change management projects, enterprise-level solutions implementation, eID projects, services integration projects, document management systems

Konstantin Tšepelevitš

Head of Business & IT Analysis

International contracts, financial systems, process re-engineering, databases, integrations, prototyping, business and IT analysis, project management, taxation, finance, industry, power trade and distribution systems, business registries, user management, data migration, reporting, data warehouse, business and technology transformation

Personal experience
e-Government services development (Estonia, Oman, Moldova), tax system projects, government-level solutions implementation, business registry projects, budget planning and execution systems, e-services integration projects, reporting systems, packaging automation projects, pricing configuration projects

Andrei Belokurov

Project Manager & Analyst

Telecom, integrated call centre solutions, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), hardware solutions, distributed devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), network operating, prototyping, UML, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), business and IT analysis, data analysis, project management

Personal experience
Automatic call distribution (ADR) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, call centre, business development projects, communication solutions, phone call management systems

Kristina Viznovitš

IT Lawyer

Domains: IT law, GDPR, data protection, EU and international law, legal consulting, data protection audits, legal documents.

Personal experience: Master of Law, legal advisor, working with GDPR regulations and data protection issues, legal risk management, risk analysis, preparing legal documentation, IT contracts, documentation for startups.

Kristina is a lawyer specializing in data protection and IT law. In cooperation with Krabu Grupp, she provides data protection officer services: consults and trains enterprises on data protection, supervises personal data protection and carries out risk analyses, specifies the necessary changes, prepares and updates documents regulating the processing and protection of personal data. Kristina Viznovitš also provides consulting for various young companies and startups, prepares legal documents to help new companies enter the market and reduce legal risks. Christina has a Master’s degree in Law and specializes in legal issues in the field of information technology.

Aleksei Kuznetsov

Translation Bureau Manager

Team leadership, translation and interpreting, networking, team management, language services, sworn translation, project management, publishing activities, text processing, localization, editing, supporting services, law, training, citizenship and migration, migration surveillance, public service, social media

Personal experience
Internal and external communication project management, translation project management, interpreting project management, marketing projects, public service, radio journalism, newspaper publishing, content management projects

Jaana Kalinistova

Communication Expert

Internal and external communications, media relations, team leadership, communication public procurements, new media, social media marketing (SMM), event management, publishing activities, editing, copywriting, interpreting

Personal experience
Internal and external communication project management, international project management, international team management, copywriting, intercultural communication, NGO