Starting from March 1, the recreational fishing permits can be acquired using the new web solution Hunters can use the website address to obtain a hunting permit. The platform developed by Krabu Grupp in cooperation with Wisercat Estonia is a comprehensive online solution where the actions necessary for fair fishing or hunting activities can be conveniently performed in a unified environment.

Kati Krabu, Member of the Board of Krabu Grupp in charge of the project to develop the platform, stressed that the new online environment meets all modern requirements – it is user-friendly, convenient to use on smart devices, and it is also available in three languages – Estonian, Russian and English.

“From now on, the sale of permits, as well as the collection of personal data and information on the catch, are located in a single environment, providing a safer and more reliable service for the state. The exchange of data between different systems has also been significantly reduced, which means an increase in the security of the solution. But when developing the platform, we primarily focused on making it simple, convenient and quick to use anywhere in Estonia at any time,” Kati Krabu pointed up.

Starting from March 1, the recreational fishing permits can be paid at To pay for the hunting permits, you can also get to the same platform through the web address Hitherto those payments have been made through, but from March 1 this option is no longer available. All permits previously registered through will continue to be valid and can also be viewed in the new environment.

“We remember with fondness how we started to implement the acquisition and control of paperless fishing rights in the environment in 2007, we were pioneers in the whole Europe and represented Estonia as an e-government state. In 2008, a pay-by-phone solution won the award for the best public service. Therefore, together with all Estonian recreational fishermen, we would like to thank for everything that has been done so far,” said Herki Tuus, Head of the Fish Resources Department of the Ministry of the Environment, and Project Manager of the new platform.

Along with user-friendliness, the new solution is also endowed with supervisory functions that make it possible to significantly simplify and increase the effectiveness of monitoring the activities of recreational hunters and fishermen. Another important factor for the development of a completely new online environment was the implementation of European requirements for the security of personal data on the Internet.

If there is no Internet connection, starting from March 1, you can pay for the recreational fishing permit by sending an SMS message with the ticket code and personal ID code to the phone number 1717.

Recreational fishing is becoming an ever more important sector of the entire fishing trade, so it was important for the state to increase the effectiveness of supervision over this area. In this regard, the transition to a modern platform was 90% funded by the European Union Maritime and Fisheries Fund and 10% by the Estonian state.

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