Konstantin Tšepelevitš

Head of Business & IT Analysis
International contracts, financial systems, process re-engineering, databases, integrations, prototyping, business and IT analysis, project management, taxation, finance, industry, power trade and distribution systems, business registries, user management, data migration, reporting, data warehouse, business and technology transformation

Does your company really need digitalization? Are you ready to take risks and invest heavily in an information system that can be either useful tool, or a waste of money? Maybe you just need to add or adjust some current systems or processes so that the efficiency of the enterprise would increase significantly?

There are many seemingly useful digital solutions on the market that can cost literally tons of money. Our IT audit service is here to evaluate existing processes and systems of customer’s enterprise, describe them and propose clear and understandable options for improving or further developing the existing solution. This can be a transition from Excel tables to a more complex system or a small adjustment of an existing process. This can also be a combination of several systems into one or a complete replacement of different programs with one effective software package. Sometimes it’s just enough to slightly change the arrangement of homepage elements so that it becomes more convenient for customers to buy goods or use services.

As a result of the audit, the customer will have a complete and understandable picture of the software and processes of his enterprise, where the opportunities to increase efficiency and places where the client spends money for nothing can be literally pointed out by a finger.