Jaana Kalinistova

Communication Expert
Internal and external communications, international team management, media relations, team leadership, communication public procurements, new media, social media marketing (SMM), event management, publishing activities, editing, copywriting, translation and interpreting activities

We can correctly draw up and distribute a media release, coordinate an interview and carry out media mentions monitoring. We can teach these skills to the representatives of the customer. And what is more, we can forecast and plan all external communication activities for several years ahead so that the company gets the attention of the public precisely at times when it is needed. We can also draft bullet points for communication with the press, develop and implement rules for working with the mass media, and coordinate external communication scheme within the enterprise, so that the picture from the distance would line up with the wishes of the company’s management.

A unified communication environment is needed to increase the loyalty of employees, their awareness of the activities and successes of the enterprise, as well as to counter external information threats. A motivated and loyal employee is more productive, less destructive for the teamwork and is able to evaluate information coming from the outside through the prism of the employer’s position. Successful internal communication creates the sense of purpose and increases the level of commitment of an employee to the company’s goals and motivation. The employees see a holistic picture and understand their role in achieving the overall objectives of the enterprise, which is good for productivity, teamwork and loyalty to the employer.