Jaana Kalinistova

Communication Expert
Internal and external communications, international team management, media relations, team leadership, communication public procurements, new media, social media marketing (SMM), event management, publishing activities, editing, copywriting, translation and interpreting activities

From the plan for media release messaging – to the strategy for years to come. It is worth talking about communication projects when it is required to do something more than to make a couple of press announcements. We are able to develop and implement a whole communication strategy, to form up all related plans, to prepare crisis communication scenarios, to train and advise the representatives of the company when communicating with the press. We organize and implement events that draw public attention to the company, and also provide monitoring of references to the company in the media.

We offer the customer a one-stop service, because quite often our projects involve the combination of different elements of our value chain. It is always more convenient to turn to “one-stop” approach than to keep in mind all the dates, terms, characteristics of the work, the names of the partners involved and other details. We are glad to be such a “single desk” for our customers. While we provide the optimal solution in the accompanying spheres, the administrative resources of the customer are concentrated on fulfilling the direct tasks of the client’s core business.