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Consulting is caring

  • IT audit and Consulting
  • General System Modeling
  • General UX/IU modeling
  • General Implementation Plan 

Creates the concept of a user-friendly system, helping to avoid significant cost increases or the need for re-development due to choosing the wrong technology, architecture, or processes. Allows you to select the best implementation path and determine the necessary work and cost range. 

If you already know what exactly you need, we will clarify the details and advise which way it is better to go and what solution benefits the most. As real life shows, with a proper consulting you might spend significantly less for your planned IT development. The package is suitable for your business if you already have formalized processes and IT management in place, but you need to supplement existing IT solutions or introduce new software into an existing process.

Just add development

  • Detailed System Modeling
  • Detailed UX/UI Modeling
  • Detailed Implementation Plan
  • Prototype
  • Digitalization Strategy
  • General System Requirements

Allows you to create optimal processes and system concepts from scratch, shapes the user experience and gives a detailed estimate of the required resources. Basically, this package includes the whole pre-development phase: the final document is technical task for programmers so they just can start developing according to the guidelines.

If you feel the need to increase efficiency, but are looking for more support in the digitalization process, we are here to help. We will research the processes of your business and tell you which of them and how is it better to adjust or give to the machine. The package is suitable for your business if you are going to implement completely new or unknown software.

Relax, we'll do the whole thing

  • Detailed System Requirements
  • System Architecture
  • Changing Rules and Ways of Work
  • Prototype Testing
  • IT Development
  • Data Migration
  • User Training

Turnkey system development. With this package you will get a software solution that fully meets your business requirements and takes into account the existing and future processes, as well as other software you may use.


If you need a new IT system, and there are no suitable solutions on the market, we can adapt an existing one or develop a new system from scratch exclusively for your needs. The package is suitable for an enterprise that needs a full digitalization cycle – from idea to implementing digital processes.

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