Delta document management system is a web-based Alfresco application that allows the organization to manage document-related work. In Delta, you can monitor, assign and manage tasks, and act as a substitute. Users have rights-based access to the entire organization’s documentation. The system of rights can be flexibly configured for both internal and external needs. There are about 20 thousand users in Delta.

– list of documents;
– registration of documents;
– task management;
– processing of cases;
– digital signing with ID-card and Mobile-ID;
– mDelta, or working with a smart device;
– functionality of a substitute;
– searches, reports;
– user rights system;
– Public Register of Documents (ADR).

Works done:
– business and system analysis;
– upgrading of specifications and user manuals;
– Data migration from other document management systems (GoPro, Dora);
– analysis of integrations;
– testing;
– project management.

Technologies used: Alfresco ECM, Java, Spring, X-Road, ID Card, Mobile-ID, Javascript, PostgresSQL, Spring MVC, Bitbucket, Digidoc4J, HTML / CSS, X-Road, DigiDocService, UAM (Universal Archiving Module), CAS, SOAP, LDAP, CentOS, Tomcat, Nginx, XML

Integrations: X-Road, National Document Exchange Center (DVK), Certification Authority (SK), Active Directory (AD), Outlook, Office Software (MS Office, OpenOffice), National Archive Information System.