The fuel monitoring database is part of the national fuel quality management system being developed, one of the objectives of which is fulfilling the requirements of European Union Directives 93/12/EC, 98/70/EC, 99/32/EC, 2003/17/EC, 2003/30/EC and 2005/33/EC, which consists of obtaining an overview of the quality of environmental parameters of liquid fuels sold and consumed in the Estonian market and the quantities of liquid fuels consumed, and implementing measures to ensure the use of only high-quality fuel in the Estonian market.


System functionalities:

  • administration interface,
  • customer self-service and official’s functionalities,
  • emission sources,
  • monitoring,
  • reports on the use and quality of different types of fuels,
  • integration with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board via data exchange layer X-Road,
  • Authentication via AUP Cental Authentication Server

Works done:

  • IT analysis (business and system analysis)
  • UX and UI design
  • Technical design
  • Software development and integration
  • Testing
  • Technical documentation
  • Project management

Technologies used: php 7, Symfony 3, MySQL, Bootstrap, Jquery, Percona, SVN, X-tee, CAS AUP