The Information System Authority (RIA) and Krabu Group invite you to take part in a survey to collect feedback on government e-services and their smart device usability.

Feedback on public electronic services and their use can be shared through April 13 by answering the online survey at The survey is anonymous and will take up to ten minutes to complete.

“Before we begin development, we need to know exactly what we’re doing, for whom and why. We want to make the e-state even closer to the people, and everyone’s input is very important in this respect. We are talking about an information system through which each of us communicates with various government agencies, and the extent to whichthis interaction will be convenient and effective now depends on each of us,” said Kirill Krabu, Chairman of the Board of Krabu Grupp.

The online survey is part of a government project to analyze and prototype a mobile e-state application; the survey participants will subsequently have the opportunity to take part in the e-state development workshops. Take the survey and let us know with your answers what is good now and what still needs to be worked on, and how we can improve the situation.

“We want to involve as many people of all backgrounds as possible in the survey so that we can get an overview of user experience and expectations regarding e-government services. The aim is to make e-state even closer to people and facilitate services and processes so that the use of public services is smooth and fast,” said Kaisi Udumäe, the head of the state portal

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The survey is part of a large-scale project to improve e-government services, in which the IT companies Krabu Grupp and Wisercat are involved.