In February 2020, the website of the biggest Tallinn district newspaper, Lasnamäe Leht, was completely redesigned from a static archive to an information portal with local news. The creation of this portal was part of the program by Krabu Grupp, publisher of the newspaper, to develop this information channel.

The initiative to create the portal came from the Communications Department of Krabu Grupp, which is publishing Lasnamäe Leht already for the third year. The paper edition and online version have different concepts: while Lasnamäe Leht is published once a month and contains mainly city district government information, the information portal is updated more frequently, publishing more diverse info about the life of the capital’s largest city district. The portal is now open – come, read and comment on the news, and share your own information.

“This is our personal initiative, we started working on the idea about half a year ago. The cooperation in publishing Lasnamäe Leht is a good example of a public-private partnership in which local authorities and a company work together on an object of importance to society. We decided to extend our contribution to this partnership and to include our IT expertise in developing the newspaper’s website. The portal is currently running as a pilot project – we hope it will be adopted in 2020 and we can continue to develop this resource,” said Kirill Krabu, Member of the Management Board of Krabu Grupp.

The idea behind the portal is to give Lasnamäe residents access to information about what is happening literally under their own windows. For visitors to the district, the portal provides a better opportunity to learn about Lasnamäe and its history, and to read the latest news. The main emphasis is on local life, development of the district, and local events. “We are unlikely to be involved in the debate on global political issues, but we will be happy to talk about which roads are planned to be repaired, or to share interesting facts about the various sites in Lasnamäe,” Kirill Krabu added.

Lasnamäe Leht is a monthly issue by the city district government, and it has been published since 2002. The newspaper is published in Estonian and Russian, and is distributed free of charge. The circulation of the paper is 60,000 copies.

Krabu Grupp OÜ, established in 2012, is a company providing communication services and information technology solutions. Its Communications Department publishes, among other things, internal magazines and newspapers for Baltic enterprises, as well as organises other internal media channels and creates content for them.


Kirill Krabu

CEO & Finance Manager
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