Domains: IT law, GDPR, data protection, EU and international law, legal consulting, data protection audits, legal documents.

Personal experience: Master of Law, legal advisor, working with GDPR regulations and data protection issues, legal risk management, risk analysis, preparing legal documentation, IT contracts, documentation for startups.

Kristina is a lawyer specializing in data protection and IT law. In cooperation with Krabu Grupp, she provides data protection officer services: consults and trains enterprises on data protection, supervises personal data protection and carries out risk analyses, specifies the necessary changes, prepares and updates documents regulating the processing and protection of personal data. Kristina Viznovitš also provides consulting for various young companies and startups, prepares legal documents to help new companies enter the market and reduce legal risks. Kristina has a Master’s degree in Law and specializes in legal issues in the field of information technology.