Krabu Grupp has successfully developed a new website for the Estonian Language Institute, the purpose of which is to support and promote the learning, teaching and use of the Estonian language.

The Estonian Language Institute (Eesti Keele Instituut – EKI) is dedicated to the preservation and development of the Estonian language and culture, offering research, resources and support to both local and international stakeholders. The institute’s new website is an important step forward, offering easy access to a variety of resources, including language learning materials, research papers and interactive tools for practicing and learning the Estonian language.

“We are proud to have contributed to such an important project. The development of a new website for the Estonian Language Institute was not only a technical challenge for us, but also an opportunity to support the spread of the Estonian language and culture. We created the new website by working in close cooperation with specialists from the Estonian Language Institute to understand their needs and goals and achieve the best result,” said Krabu Grupp board member Kati Krabu.

By implementing innovative solutions and modern design, a platform has been created that not only meets modern technological requirements, but also conveys the beauty and complexity of the Estonian language. Particular attention was paid to user experience. The website will be convenient for use by representatives of different target groups: from students to linguists.

The Estonian Language Institute is the main center for the development of the Estonian language and one of three centers in Estonia and around the world where the Estonian language is systematically studied. EKI offers various free government services: language consultations by telephone and email, online versions of dictionaries, applications for language and speech technologies, including for people with special needs, such as speech technologies for the visually impaired and Estonian Sign Language dictionaries for the hearing impaired. One of the tasks of the EKI is to provide a standard for the written Estonian language, based on the latest spelling dictionary of the institute. The tradition, which began in 1918 and has been preserved at the institute since 1948, has continued for the second century, and along with the 100th anniversary of the Estonian state, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the dictionary.

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