By the beginning of the next academic year, Krabu Grupp will transfer most of the study program of Tallinn Health Care College to digital form. The project includes the development of program support, the creation of video lectures and study materials, as well as the introduction of interactive study elements that meet the latest standards, from graphic solutions to the possibility to take all courses and exams in a fully digital form.

As part of the project, Krabu Grupp is using the FullStack+ approach created in the company, in which case additional services from various fields are added to the development of program support. In particular, content is created in parallel with the development of the solution, which is then formalized into interactive study courses and uploaded to the system. The courses are shaped into a study program that creates an opportunity for distance learning and knowledge testing. The development is based on the popular interactive environment Moodle with the plugin H5P. Such a solution allows to create interactive study materials that are easy to use for both students and lecturers.

“The design of the materials allows to make the learning process more interesting and efficient – students play educational games, solve tasks with immediate feedback, as well as learn the subject through visualized information. All of these tools give the student the opportunity to acquire more information. The great advantage of such digital materials is the possibility to update them – science does not stand still, study materials need to be supplemented from time to time and it is very easy to do so in this solution being created,” said Katariina Vainonen, Educational Technology Specialist at Krabu Grupp.

As a result of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational organizations have sought opportunities for distance learning. The current uncertainty regarding the development of the situation forces to find alternative ways that would allow to continue the training of specialists needed for the society on the basis of distance learning with maximum quality.

“Updated content for the courses was created for the Moodle e-learning environment in cooperation with lecturers for the subjects selected for the project. A simulation database for the management of study simulations was created and interfaced with the Moodle environment,” said Heli Raun, the head of the working group of the SAHVER project and Educational Technology Specialist at Tallinn Health Care College.

The project is financed through the “Institutional Development Program for Research and Development Institutions and Higher Education Institutions”, i.e. through the activities of the institutional strategic development support program ASTRA. Krabu Grupp carried out preliminary work for the introduction of an online system for digital learning as well as knowledge and skills testing for TTK a year earlier.

Krabu Grupp’s main line of business is to support the digital transformation and to provide support services that contribute to this journey. Research in recent years shows that companies that have not undergone the digital transformation process may face serious difficulties in the near future in competing with market participants who have already introduced digital technologies. Krabu Grupp currently provides IT consulting and program support development with three service packages: Basic, Extended, and Complete. The packages have been developed with the aim of achieving sustainable implementation of digital solutions in companies with various levels of IT maturity.


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