The new homepage of the Tartu Film Fund is now a convenient resource for organizing filming and applying for movie production support in the region. The solution developed by Krabu Tech is based on the latest trends in user experience and is a convenient system that allows you to quickly find the information you need.

The Tartu Film Foundation, which promotes and supports Estonian cinema, including financial support for film projects, received a new website that meets the needs of filmmakers and other interested parties. The new website is not only visually attractive, but also user-friendly, offering easy access to the foundation’s services, information on grant applications and content about film production opportunities in the South Estonia region.

“This was a very interesting project for us. Working on the Tartu Film Foundation website was a unique opportunity for us to show how technology can serve art. We aimed to create something more than just a website. Our goal is to make it a central hub for everyone working in the film industry in Estonia and to support the film community not only with information resources, but also with real help,” said Krabu Tech board member Kati Krabu.

The project was carried out with an emphasis on functionality and intuitiveness of the interface. Each page of the website is designed to facilitate access to the necessary resources. For example, the grants section contains detailed instructions for submitting applications, a list of required documents, and review deadlines.

Krabu Tech played a central role in the project, developing a solution that not only meets the demands of modern online technology, but also highlights the unique character and mission of the Tartu Film Foundation. The new website aims to be a central resource for both local and international filmmakers, providing them with the information and support they need. It is also an important step forward in presenting the city of Tartu as an important cultural and cinematic centre, especially at a time when Tartu is the European Capital of Culture.

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