In 2022, a new Environmental Portal was launched, an Internet application that encompasses state databases in the field of the environment. The application developed by Krabu Grupp provides users with centralized access to the information contained in the databases and gives a causal and spatial overview of the environmental situation in the country. The search for information is carried out both through the map and through a quick and/or detailed web search. All cartographic infolayers can be downloaded in .shp format.

Kati Krabu, who led the Keskkonnaportaal development project on the part of Krabu Grupp, noted that its goal was to create a website that integrates environmental information on Estonia and has the technical capability (website architecture, thematic menus, search and design features, etc.) to display and link information materials of various types – analytics, news items, cartographics and other data.

“The website itself and the structure of the new environmental portalKeskkonnaportaal – have been designed with due regard for user friendliness and best practices in marketing and sales psychology. Based on modern day requirements, the website is adaptative, has formats for both horizontal and vertical display on mobile devices. Following the principles of the e-government, the new portal also guarantees data transparency and the ability to communicate with users – the webpage has feedback and assessment forms, there are also keys to jump to the pages of the Ecological Portal on Facebook and Instagram social networks,” that is what Kati Krabu said about portal functionality.

The former public service in this areathe Environmental Register, located at, was finally closed on November 15, 2021. Users are automatically redirected to the registry section of the Keskkonnaportaal website. All existing features and functions have been transferred to the new application. The data scope remained the same and updates are made once a week on Mondays.

Commenting on the introduction of the new Environmental Portal, the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Riigikogu [the Parliament of Estonia] Erki Savisaar noted that the protal has become aone-stop-shop service” for obtaining all data related to this area. “Creating access to various databases through a single portal means creating more than a single additional database, it is an information technology solution that simplifies the use of information in a holistic way,” said Savisaar.

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