For the first time, seafarers working under the Estonian flag will have the opportunity to apply for professional documents remotely and receive them anywhere in the world. The results of the analysis carried out by Krabu Grupp, commissioned by the Estonian Maritime Administration, show that the creation of the appropriate information system and legislative framework will reduce the time spent by seafarers and officials on paperwork by 2-3 times and at least double the number of seafarers registered in Estonia.

The purpose of the analysis was to optimize the processes associated with the certification of seafarers. As a result, analysts of Krabu Grupp prepared a number of recommendations and created a prototype of an information system that will facilitate both the work of officials, and the practice of processing and obtaining documents necessary for seamens’ qualifications.

“The new information system will unite existing solutions for seafarers’ certifications and integrate them with other government services. This will open up the possibility to improve the efficiency of the Maritime Administration and make it more innovative and convenient for customers. Likely, it will be the most modern system in the world for managing data on seafarers. Estonia will be the first country to issue seafarers certificates electronically, “said Krabu Grupp board member Jekaterina Tšikova.

As a result of the analysis, which lasted 3 months, the Krabu Grupp analysts studied the Estonian maritime legislation, as well as the activities of the Estonian Maritime Administration, their partner organizations and educational institutions. The proposed changes will become the introductory instructions for creating a new information system that will provide remote workflow and time savings. The results of the analysis and a prototype of the information system were submitted to the Administration in March 2017. The creation of the new information system is conditioned by the development of digital technologies and their dissemination even in such a conservative sphere as marine navigation. Similar solutions are already being used by some countries wishing to attract seamen to the simplicity and convenience of the services provided. The Estonian information system for seafarers certification management will be created considering the latest trends in this field.

Krabu Grupp is an Estonian capital based company. One of the areas of its activity is business and IT analysis. In March 2017, the enterprise celebrated its 5-year anniversary. The Estonian Maritime Administration announced a public procurement for the analysis in the fall of 2016;the joint offer of Krabu Grupp analysts and Wisercat Estonia information systems developers was announced the winner.


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