Krabu Grupp and Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of the Environment (KEMIT) signed a framework agreement for a business analysis service. Within the next two years, Krabu Grupp will be carrying out the business analysis of the activity of the Ministry of the Environment with an objective to create a future image of the development of KEMIT’s IT systems.

The task of Krabu Grupp is to map the systems and business processes of the Ministry of the Environment, and to analyse possibilities to optimize and interface them. Also, our analysts will assess the economic expediency of the systems being developed, and the purpose and scope of the development work. This will help to assess the volume and cost of the necessary development work, identify risks and provide measures to mitigate them, so that the systems being created would be efficient, user-friendly and would contribute to the achievement of the goals of the public authorities.

“I am pleased that in the creation of new IT systems, more and more attention is paid to analysis, which is an integral part of the digital transformation. The analysis ensures that all parties of a development project have a clear and uniform idea of the development being made, and that it would be the right and necessary thing to do, which is convenient to the end user and economically beneficial to the authority. An investment to a thorough thinking of the system and the selection of the most suitable platform will pay off, and ultimately, it will ensure cost savings,” commented Konstantin Tšepelevitš, the Head of Business and IT Analysis of Krabu Grupp.

The cooperation between Krabu Grupp and the Ministry of the Environment started due to the public procurement won. The works within the framework of the procurement will last for 24 months. The tender proposals evaluation was based on two criteria – experience and price. Business analysts’ experience in the development of IT systems was of greater importance (60%). The total budget of the framework agreement is 300,000 euros.

Krabu Grupp is an Estonian-capital-based company established in 2012. The cornerstone of our activity is a comprehensive value chain that connects a number of interrelated fields. Thanks to the synergy within the chain, we are able to provide a FullStack+ service – from analysis and implementation of IT and communications solutions to content creation – in several languages.