The IT Department of Krabu Grupp has entered into an IT service contract with one the largest printing houses in the Baltic Sea region – Metroprint Systems LLC. In accordance with the terms of the contract, Krabu Grupp is going to conduct a comprehensive cycle of digitalisation work for Metroprint from analysis and reorganisation of processes to software development as well as the creation and deployment of cloud solutions.

The task on Krabu Grupp will be to develop the work organisation of Metroprint Systems, including the planning of staff, materials, stock reserves and equipment, and the development and deployment of software solutions related to resource planning and management.

“We call these projects “Full Stack+”, which means that in addition to the classical analysis, programming and deployment of updates, we use additional competences that are not directly part of IT, such as communication and training. The project for Metroprint Systems will include practically the entire value chain of Krabu Grupp,” said Kati Krabu, Member of the Management Board of Krabu Grupp LLC.

“We expect the software solution to be an effective tool for the management of our company’s processes, for improving the effectiveness of our sales and production processes to fulfill the goals of our strategic development plan,” added Indrek Leemet, CEO of Metroprint Systems.

“We will begin with the analysis and mapping of existing solutions and processes. As a result of it, we will determine the bottlenecks and possibilities to improve efficiency. After a detailed description of necessary improvements, our developers will create an integrated system, which can be quickly and conveniently used by the employees of the company as well as the customers,” commented Konstantin Tšepelevitš, Krabu Grupp’s Head of Digitalisation.

Metroprint Systems is an Estonian capital based company established in 2000 and it’s main business is the provision of digital printing services. Its product range includes PVC banners, flags and textile banners, advertising materials and presentation tools, interior solutions, paper posters, facade covers, special solutions, stickers, design solutions, etc. The company employs 35 people. The digitalisation project for the printing house is supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS).

Krabu Grupp is an Estonian capital based company established in 2012. The cornerstone of the company’s activity is a comprehensive value chain, which combines a number of interconnected fields. Thanks to common work inside the value chain, the company is able to provide a FullStack+ complex service: from analysis and the development of IT and communications solutions to providing accompanying services that are not directly related to IT.


Kati Krabu

CIO & Business Development Manager
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