In November 2019, Estonia’s main business periodical Äripäev included Krabu Grupp in its rating list of gazelle firms. “Gazelles” are companies that have been able to increase their turnovers and profits by at least 50% over three years. Every year, less than 1% of Estonian companies receive a Gazelle status.

Over the past three years, the turnover of Krabu Grupp has more than tripled. In seven years from the date of its foundation, the company has grown exactly tenfold. If in the first years the growth was achieved due to the strengthening of the market position of the company´s communication and translation divisions, it was the later-added IT line of activity, which made a significant contribution to the successful development of recent years.

“Our strategy was initially aimed at finding synergies and expanding within the existing competencies, it has not changed much since the first day of the company’s existence. All business units — translations, communications and information technologies — together or separately, serve a common goal: providing integrity for a better world. And as reflected by rating, such a set of services suits the world. We express our gratitude to our customers and partners for their cooperation, as well as to the Äripäev editorial board for its annual efforts on elaborating such ratings,” said Kirill Krabu, Chair of the Board of Krabu Grupp. Äripäev will publish the full rating of Estonian gazelle firms at the end of December 2019.

The Äripäev gazelle rating is being issued for the 20th time this year. As of this date, many of the enterprises that previously appeared in the ranking have already turned into large and stable companies. Every year, about a thousand fast-growing enterprises in Estonia are propelled into the gazelle firms rating.

The concept of a gazelle firm was introduced in the 1980s by the American economist David Birch, who was actively involved in the subject of small business development. The scientist was the first to carry out the laborious task of studying the individual growth paths of thousands of American companies, proposing a methodology for their classification based on representatives of the animal world – from “mice” to “elephants”. This technique describes gazelles as a small group of enterprises combining high dynamism and sustainable growth. According to D. Birch, gazelles, accounting for only 4% of the total number of firms, create approximately 70% of new jobs.

Krabu Grupp is an international enterprise founded in 2012 on the basis of Estonian capital. In its activities, the company seeks to create purpose and quality reception in the relations between people, between a human being and a machine, as well as between machines serving human beings. The company has developed and is actively using the FullStack+ approach, combining different areas of activity with a focus on consulting, development and other services in the field of IT and communication. In 2019, Krabu Grupp received ISO 9001 quality management certificate.


Kirill Krabu

CEO & Finance Manager
Strategic and financial planning, management, team leadership, marketing and business strategy, corporate communications, international contracts, risk analysis