During the next two years, Krabu Grupp will provide IT-related services to Eesti Post in the development of logistics information systems. As a result of the procurement carried out in the second half of 2018, the joint offer made by Krabu Grupp and Wisercat Estonia was declared successful among others.

On 7th December, Eesti Post AS, Krabu Grupp LLC and Wisercat Estonia LLC signed a framework agreement as a result of the public procurement procedure “Procurement of Development Resources for Logistics Information Systems”. The contract was signed for two years and the total cost of it is 3.5 million euros. This is a framework agreement, in which works are shared between successful bidders through small procurements.

“I am pleased that in 2019 and 2020, Krabu Grupp will be able to contribute to the digital transformation of Omniva. The logistics processes of the Estonian market leader are multifaceted and complex, and in the case of ever increasing digitalisation of services, the analysis of business processes and information systems have significant meaning. Well-designed processes help to save on the company’s resources as well as ensure high-quality and convenient services to customers,” saidKonstantin Tšepelevitš, the Head of Business and IT Analysis of Krabu Grupp.

If the postal business is characterized by a continued decline, then the volume of package processing will increase 2.5 times over the next 10 years. According to Omniva, the development of the digital society has led to a significant decrease in the volume of universal postal services in Estonia and in other countries. Since the entire postal market and people’s use of services have changed, then the way the service is provided must keep up with the changes.

Krabu Grupp and Wisercat Estonia will begin to provide Eesti Post with services for the development of logistics information systems in five categories – Product Owner, Analyst, Full-Stack Developer, Front-End Developer and Back-End Developer.

Omniva Group consist of Eesti Post AS as the parent company, and subsidiary companies Maksekeskus AS in Estonia, Omniva LT UAB in Lithuania, and Omniva SIA in Latvia. In addition, the related company Post11 OÜ belongs to the group. Omniva unites nearly 2,300 employees in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Eesti Post is 100% owned by the Estonian state. In 2017, the group’s turnover was 89 million euros.

Krabu Grupp is an Estonian capital based company established in 2012. The cornerstone of the company’s activity is a comprehensive value chain, which combines a number of interconnected fields. Thanks to common work inside the value chain, the company provides a FullStack+complex service: from analysis and the development of IT and communications solutions to providing accompanying services that are not directly related to IT.