In April, Krabu Grupp completed the development of a new user interface prototype for Estonia’s most popular document management system Delta. The created solution is the basis for a new version of the information system used by 20,000 people and almost 100 organizations in Estonia.

In accordance with the agreement concluded between Krabu Grupp and the Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK), user-friendliness of the current Delta was analysed and a prototype of the user interface for its new version was created. The main task of the project was to prepare the ground for a more modern, reliable and user-friendly system on a new platform and with an updated interface.

“In our analysis, we focused on the needs and expectations of real users, as Delta is used by thousands of people. We organized focus groups and conducted dozens of interviews, followed by user tests of the prototype of the new system, while continuously improving the prototype according to the data received. Prior to the development of the modernized system, we communicated with the representatives of most of the organizations that use Delta. As a result of such cooperation, we created truly convenient work processes and an intuitively understandable interface which will definitely be attractive to future users,” said Kati Krabu, Member of the Management Board of Krabu Grupp.

The prototype of the updated system was completed iteratively, which means that data, corrections and improvements collected during communication with various user groups were entered to the system basically before the very eyes of the users. About 100 meetings in total were conducted for individual interviews and testing in workgroups, involving a variety of people.

“As an IT institution, it is important for us that a tool needed for day-to-day document management be as user-centric as possible. Therefore, involving users and thus analysing the functionality required for the life of a document was the right approach. Once the work is completed, the renewed Delta platform will be able to take into account modern needs and lend a helping hand to simplify the process for the performance of work tasks,” said Vesta Laansoo, Head of Department for Supporting Information Systems at the Centre of Registers and Information Systems.

The work started by researching the needs of all user groups and identifying their expectations. This was followed by processes optimization and usability (UX) tests of the constantly updated prototype. The process also included creating a new design together with a brand guide for the updated information system. In addition, the ease of use indicators for Delta were developed and opportunities were created to assess user satisfaction. The updated system will take into account the specificities of various types of devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers.

The document management system Delta is a web-based application that allows you the organization to manage document-related work. With Delta, you can comprehensively monitor tasks, assign and manage them, and perform actions as a substitute. Users have rights-based access to organization-wide documentation. The system of rights can be flexibly configured for both internal and external needs.

Krabu Grupp has many years of experience with the document management system Delta as well as its implementation in various public and private sector organizations.


Kati Krabu

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