Krabu Grupp and Saaremaa County Government have signed an agreement on updating the local authorities information portal. In the course of the works, a new system of public events will be developed and a web application administration module will be created.

The work includes analysing and improving the best user experience of the calendar of events, updating the map of venues, creating opportunities for exchanging calendar data with external systems, setting up newsletter issues and upgrading the authentication system. Today Saaremaa is using a calendar solution that was developed in 2016. At the moment, this system is outdated and requires modernization.

“Our partners expect from us not only a qualitative improvement in the existing solution. We shall also design a vision for the development of the application for the next five to seven years, taking into account the fact that at least 30 local governments will be able to connect to it. We will make the calendar of events more convenient, including the issue of its integration with other applications, for example, with a system for issuing permits for running events, which will reduce the burden on organizers and officials, ” said Andrei Belokurov, the project manager at Krabu Grupp.

Local government is obliged to inform the public about events taking place on its territory. At the moment, information is distributed through various channels from the side of the local government, the mass media and the organizers themselves, who must simultaneously address issues related to obtaining permission for the event. Today this process takes a lot of effort and time. Problems are caused by the inconvenience of the existing environment for users, as well as by constant errors in its operation. These problems will be resolved within the framework of the contract.

“We want to simplify the administration of public events, improve the existing web application on cultural events and create a module that will make it easy to administer. At the same time, we need a reliable service provider who will help maintain the system in conformity to modern requirements. As a result, we get a holistic and convenient IT solution for the administration of cultural events that are held in the public space. Apparently, this will simplify the organization of events and the work of local government officials, ” said IT manager of Saaremaa County Government Anu Tanila.

Krabu Grupp is an enterprise founded in 2012 on the basis of Estonian capital. The cornerstone of the enterprise is a holistic value chain that combines several interrelated areas. The high level of synergy between the elements of the value chain has allowed the company to develop the FullStack+ approach, where the works performed may include the analysis and development of IT- and communication solutions, as well as ancillary services not directly related to the IT sector. 

Photo: Andrei Kasjanenko