The Krabu Grupp Company and Tallinn Health Care College have signed an agreement to develop systematized databases of the online e-learning environment for enacting case studies, as well as for testing knowledge and skills.

The project involves both IT-and translation divisions of the company, since the IT solution being developed will be available in three languages.

As part of the contract, the Krabu Grupp will create the SAHVER online e-learning environment, which allows to systematize and store the information necessary for learning, as well as to test students’ knowledge. The online environment will allow to manage the practical training and give feedback on the practice in online mode. In addition, the Krabu Grupp will create the possibility of authentication in this environment using Estonian digital solutions. Bellcom Estonia will be responsible for the development product.

The virtual training environment will be available in Estonian, Russian and English, that is why the Krabu Grupp translation agency will also be involved in parallel in the course of the development work. “In this project, we shall once again apply our FullStack+ approach, where, in parallel with IT development, we involve related areas of activity, which allows us to make the process of developing a system more holistic. While the developers will work on the code, the translators will work on languages, and during the testing of the system we will also conduct language testing to ensure its usability from the first day,” said the Krabu Grupp Development Manager Kati Krabu.

“Through introduction of the SAHVER system, a higher education institution will be able to create an innovative and exciting learning environment for students, the main goal of which is to increase the effectiveness of e-learning, mentoring and simulation training in online mode, and to develop digital competence of students and employees of a higher education establishment by virtue of the above system. When developing the interface of the environment, the emphasis will be focused on a usability feature and on following the visual identity of a higher education institution to create an attractive and reliable learning environment,” said Are Kangus, head of the SAHVER work group, educational process manager at the Tallinn Healt Care College.

The project is financed by the “Institutional Development Program for Scientific and Developing Institutions, as well as for Higher Education Institutions”, that is, at the expense of Supporting Strategic Development of Institutions (Asutuste STRateegiliste Arengu toetamine or ASTRA) foundation.

The information system will be made as an online environment based on the Moodle educational platform. With the help of this system it will be possible to access lecture materials, as well as to perform tests and exams. In addition, the Krabu Grupp will create authentication capabilities in the environment using Estonian electronic solutions such as ID-card, Mobile-ID, Smart ID and student accounts in the national educational information system ÕIS.

Krabu Grupp is a company based on Estonian capital founded in 2012. The cornerstone of the enterprise’s activity is a holistic value chain that unites several interconnected spheres. The high level of synergy between the elements of the value chain has allowed the enterprise to develop the FullStack+ approach, where the works performed may include the analysis and development of IT- and communication solutions, as well as related services that should not be necessarily directly related to the IT sphere.


Kati Krabu

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