The Krabu Grupp company has concluded an agreement with the Executive Council of Lasnamäe borough of the city of Tallinn on publishing the largest city district newspaper in the country — Lasnamäe Journal. In accordance with the conditions of the tender, the Krabu Grupp will be responsible for the publication of the newspaper during 2019.

The Communication Division of the Krabu Grupp is responsible for the design, layout and printing, as well as for the advertising component of the newspaper. Materials for publication are traditionally provided by the administration of Lasnamäe borough.

“We shall continue to inform the residents of Lasnamäe about what is happening on the next street, literally. For 2019, we have planned certain innovations related to the IT component of the newspaper. The Lasnamäe Journal will be the first cross-media project in Estonia at the borough level. We specialize in organizing media channels for small communities and believe that we can somewhat refresh this publication and make it even more congenial for the residents of the area, ”said Kirill Krabu, a member of the board of the Krabu Grupp.

The newspaper’s homepage –  – was updated in early 2018. During the past year, the publication was launched on Facebook as well. The next steps in the development of the Lasnamäe Journal will be continued in the initially chosen direction of expanding interactivity. In 2019, a pilot project will be launched to attract an audience that reads news online. In what concerns the paper edition, no major changes are foreseen.

The Lasnamäe Journal is a monthly publication of the borough administration issued since 2002. The newspaper is published in Estonian and Russian and distributed free of charge. Its circulation is 60 000 copies.

Krabu Grupp OÜ is a company founded in 2012 offering communication services and information technology solutions. The Communication Division, in particular, publishes in-house magazines and newspapers for large enterprises in the Baltic countries, organizes other internal media channels and creates content for them. In 2019, in addition to the publication of Lasnamäe Journal, the Krabu GruppTranslation Agency will also translate into Estonian and Russian materials for the Kristiine borough newspaper.


Jaana Kalinistova

Communication Expert
Internal and external communications, international team management, media relations, team leadership, communication public procurements, new media, social media marketing (SMM), event management, publishing activities, editing, copywriting, translation and interpreting activities