What does an enterprise need a journalist for? Perhaps, from the point of view of efficiency, it doesn´t make sense to establish staff position for your own reporter, if you are engaged in other types of business than mass media. But what if you need to inform your employees? Or you need to publish your own internal corporate newspaper – but what should be the content of that newspaper? How often should it be published? How long should the articles be and in what order should they be arranged? Which photos are suitable, and how to make an interesting and useful publication that perform its functions? We not only know the answers to these questions, but we also carry out such work for our clients as a matter of actual practice. If we talk about the value chain, then, of course, combining some of our services leads to the emergence of new opportunities. For example, we can fully take on the task of creating your own newspaper, magazine, radio broadcast, television broadcast or intranet network. Publishing activity amounts to a turnkey service, from drafting a plan to the receipt of finished products by consumers of information.