We can correctly draw up and distribute a media release, coordinate an interview and carry out media mentions monitoring. We can teach these skills to the representatives of the customer. And what is more, we can forecast and plan all external communication activities for several years ahead so that the company gets the attention of the public precisely at times when it is needed. We can also draft bullet points for communication with the press, develop and implement rules for working with the mass media, and coordinate external communication scheme within the enterprise, so that the picture from the distance would line up with the wishes of the company’s management.

A unified communication environment is needed to increase the loyalty of employees, their awareness of the activities and successes of the enterprise, as well as to counter external information threats. A motivated and loyal employee is more productive, less destructive for the teamwork and is able to evaluate information coming from the outside through the prism of the employer’s position. Successful internal communication creates the sense of purpose and increases the level of commitment of an employee to the company’s goals and motivation. The employees see a holistic picture and understand their role in achieving the overall objectives of the enterprise, which is good for productivity, teamwork and loyalty to the employer. Please find corporate media services we offer below:

Print Media
As a rule, periodicals for clients or employees are published at sizeable enterprises. Such a channel of information is able to offer audiences up-to-date information about the company’s activities on a regular basis. In some enterprises, factory workers do not have the opportunity to use computers, so a printed publication serves as their main source of information about what is happening in the company. It’s also a good way to leave a mark about your company among the customers – a well-designed printed edition will be useful to the client and will serve as a reminder of your company’s benefits for a long time

A correctly configured intranet network allows you to distribute information depending upon its importance, urgency and usefulness for employees. Additional advantages allow achieving stable use of the online environment by the employees. As a rule, various divisions of the company give higher priority to information of a particular nature – this depends on their location or the specifics of their work. At the same time, information from the main office should reach all the subdivisions. The intranet will enable every employee to see, first and foremost, an information which is essential for him/her and respond to it.

Internal Radio
A unique service for many markets in Europe: we offer a complete solution for launching (or modifying) the internal broadcasting service in the customer’s enterprise. As a result, the company will have its own radio communication infrastructure, which allows broadcasting of internal informative spots for employees about the activities of the enterprise with any periodicity. Upon implementation of the broadcasting service, we are also ready to undertake the creation of a unique design that follows the style of the enterprise, and the regular production of the radio programs in accordance with the wishes of the client. Radio programs will be broadcasted only within the territory of the company, so information will be available only to the employees. Radio communication also makes it possible to arrange live broadcasts of the most important events or meetings for the enterprise. The optimal periodicity of broadcasts is once a week: it is reasonably frequent to keep information up to date and rare enough to fill it out with really important and useful information. Radio is the only source of information that is available to an employee all the time. It does not require additional attention – you can listen to the radio without interrupting the performance of immediate duties or lunch break. Any other sources divert the attention of an employee — one needs either to read the newspaper or look at the screen.

Internal TV
TV broadcast featuring the life of the enterprise. As a rule, the broadcast is organized on the basis of an intranet, although an option with a more complex infrastructure is also possible. The broadcast can be both regular and as and when needed. The service is suitable for enterprises that have a large territory or are territorially divided or employ more than 1 000 workers.

SMM – Social Media Management
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK– of course, you know what it’s about. The popularity of social networks will remain high for an indefinitely long time – which means it makes sense to take care of your footprint in this field. Of course, anyone can create an account in social media, but this is not enough today. You need to take constant care to keep your digital self interesting to the audience; to make communication with you smooth and easy and to maintain your information in social networks useful and relevant. In fact, behind this ease hides rather specific job – and we are able to cope with it or train your specialists. Contact us – and discuss the details! You can use our classic communication channels or find the Krabu Grupp on Facebook or LinkedIn