Krabu Grupp has entered into contract with Eesti Energia for the issue of the internal newspaper and the handling of the internal radio of the Group. In accordance with the conditions of the public procurement won, Krabu Grupp is responsible for the layout of the internal newspaper and for the preparation of radio broadcasts until 2020.

Krabu Grupp’s communications unit is responsible for the layout of the newspaper, and also for the content of it by agreement, as well as for the recording and editing of in-house radio broadcasts. “We are very glad to be cooperating with the largest energy group of the Baltics. Thanks to us, information will begin to reach the employees of Eesti Energia’s large-scale power industry. Since the Group is active in several fields, then the creation of a common infoshpere is very important – it helps to create a composite whole, and this is exactly what our communications unit is focused on,” said Kirill Krabu, the member of the board of Krabu Grupp.

Eesti Energia and Krabu Grupp share a long-term cooperation. The company has handled the internal radio of Eesti Energia for years, and now the layout of the internal newspaper will be added to the list of works. Krabu Grupp is a trustworthy partner that is characterized by keywords such as flexibility, speed and quality.

Krabu Grupp has dealt with the organisation of internal corporate media channels for the past six years. The complex service contains the management of several information channels in the most suitable manner for the client, as well as the creation of the content, processing and publication. The turnkey concept for internal radios is unique to the Estonian market. This channel is most suitable for large industrial companies, where the nature of the work does not enable employees to use the computer all the time.

Eesti Energia is an international, Estonian state-owned energy company, which operates in the Baltic, Polish, Finnish and Swedish power and gas markets, and in the international market of liquid fuels. The Group provides energy solutions from the production of electricity, heat and fuels to additional services related to sales, customer service and energy. The unique oil shale processing knowledge and technology of Eesti Energia are highly valued all over the world.

Krabu Grupp OÜ, established in 2012, is a company, which offers communications services and information technology solutions. Some of the largest industrial companies of the Baltics, as well as Estonian state institutions are among the partners of the company. The activity of the company is divided into three fields: communications, IT and translations. The value chain of Krabu Grupp is oriented to the creation and service of complete solutions from business analysis and programming to work with the content.


Kirill Krabu

CEO & Finance Manager
Strategic and financial planning, management, team leadership, marketing and business strategy, corporate communications, international contracts, risk analysis