Krabu Grupp offers all sorts of communication services – from writing single press releases to conducting campaigns, from design to delivery of ready-to-operate strategies and communication systems.

A full range of services in this area involves the entire value chain of our company: analysis and programming, technical support, content creation, translation and distribution of materials in the required form.

The only ones in Estonia, we offer a full service of internal corporate radio broadcasting for large enterprises – from the engineering arrangements of the broadcast transmission to the creation of a broadcast schedule, recording interviews, editing shows and programs and putting them on the air through the previously created channels of the company’s internal radio system. We have been providing this kind of service to some of our partners for more than 10 years. We also publish corporate newspapers and magazines, and create content for other internal and external information channels.

The whole history of Krabu Grupp began in 2002 with a communication business. Even before the establishment of the legal entity, the founders of the company have provided private counseling services and implemented small projects in the field of communication. Our team and network of cooperation continue to grow, which allows us to implement communication projects of varying complexity in the most diverse spheres.