Kati Krabu

CIO & Business Development Manager
Domains International Contracts, Procurements, Business Development, Business Consultancy, Delivery Management, e-Governance, Electronic Identity Management (eID), Biometrics, Data Protection, e-Health, e-Residency, mobile-ID, Legal Drafting, GDPR, EU and International Law, Standartization Personal experience Strategic Business Development, Business Diversification, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), e-government Development Projects, Delivery of International Large-Scale IT Projects, Estonian and Omani e-government Consultancy, GDPR…

Practice is the best way to learn something and to maintain knowledge at the up-to-date level. Krabu Grupp intensively develops several lines of activity, while using the acquired practical experience both to enhance its internal processes and to amplify its training programs. Based on our skills and the results of our practical activities, we create training courses accessible to all those who wish.