Our translators have been providing their services for more than 10 years, being professionals in their field. Our translation agency has its own resources, and, if necessary, it uses the support of partner organizations from around the world, constantly expanding its cooperation network.

The activities of Krabu Grupp often require translation services, so we decided to single out this area in a separate line of business and bring our capabilities to the market. This solution allows to offer services with maximum efficiency, basing on the principle of a single stop, thus saving the resources of our customers.

Our translation division helps many large enterprises of the Baltic region to understand their clients, to speak their language. We are actively working on constantly expanding the network of cooperation and quality upgrading, selecting for each partner a customized service that meets its needs.

You can become familiar with our basic services on this website. For more information and more details about the activities of our translation agency, please visit our translation page.